Illustration for article titled Are Anti-ID Theft Jeans A Fashion Statement Or Paranoia?

Clothing that blocks "digital pickpocketing" is now hipster-approved. But do we really need RFID-blocking pockets in our pants?


The BBC reports:

A pair of jeans containing material that blocks wireless signals is being developed in conjunction with anti-virus firm Norton. The trousers are intended to stop thieves hacking into radio frequency identification (RFID) tagged passports or contactless payment cards.


The jeans are designed by Betabrand and use a silver-based material to block signals.

According to Betabrand, which also makes an RFID-blocking blazer, the San Francisco-made pants feature "two RFID-blocking pockets to defeat scanning devices" and are made from "subtly stretchy denim."

Fashion statement, technological innovation ... or paranoia? If you're willing to throw down $151 to cover your butt (in more ways than one), they'll be available for purchase next year.

Image via Betabrand.


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