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Arctic waters may look a lot less forbidding by 2030. New research suggests that the ice sheet on top of arctic waters will melt in summer, creating the perfect conditions for new life to take up summer residence there.


Researchers at the UK National Oceanography Centre have inspected samples from arctic sea floors, discovering that these floors used to teem with life. The samples were replete with a type of algae called diatoms. These diatoms serve as a low rung on the food chain for larger, more complex ecosystems. Other studies suggest that sharks and larger fish once called the warmed arctic their home.

If arctic temperatures continue their upward trend, the arctic ocean floors will be covered in this food source again. As a result, creatures that consume these diatoms could move in during the summer, making the summer arctic oceans as biologically rich as southern oceans.


No word yet on when construction begins for the first arctic beach resort.

Warming arctic could teem with life by 2030 [via NewScientist]

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