This is the Cubed Maze³ by designer Phil Pauley. Ensconced within its clear laminated polymer walls are nine floors of dead ends, staircases, and psychological torment for those willing to broach its premises.

It's unclear who would fund such a sadistic abode. Surely there must be a few unhinged billionaires among you who watch Vincenzo Natali's Cube a dozen times daily. Explains Pauley of his transparent torture cell:

Covering nine floors, multiple stairs, glass ramps and transparent walled partitions, this mega maze will challenge and amuse all who attempt her summit. Each of the nine levels represents the complexity of an equivalent single level maze. Stairs and ramp ways may offer assurance but sometimes you will have to go back down a floor or two to reach the higher levels [...] The Cubed Maze³ is so called because its design principals are based on individual cubes interconnecting which are then multiplied into a cube of cubes.

According to Pauley, your reward for navigating these rooms is a rooftop cafe, where you must refuel for the journey out. "The only concern while relaxing with refreshments will be how to get back out again!" the designer promises. If I had money to throw at this project, I would require a proviso promising that the cafe serve only ayahuasca and Ovaltine.


To get a sense of how jarring this would actually be, check out the Sou Fujimoto clear house in Tokyo at left. The bathroom is easily the most comical part of that building's layout.

[Via CoDesign and Japanator]

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