Archer's Star Has Some Post-Coma Catching Up to Do in the First Season 11 Teaser

Lana observes that Archer is 100 percent back on his bullshit.
Lana observes that Archer is 100 percent back on his bullshit.
Screenshot: YouTube
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He’s only been MIA for three years, but Sterling Archer—who was never one for political correctness to begin with—missed some huge cultural shifts while he was languishing in his coma, dreaming up fantastical Archer seasons. At long last, here’s a season 11 teaser with all the characters back in the “real” world.

And as you can see—the gang is back in their New York offices, but their reaction to Archer’s return is startlingly frosty.

Maybe they didn’t really miss him (and his egotistical, chaos-causing energy) all that much? As for the erstwhile superspy, he’s got both a cane and some major catching up to do, in a world where “everybody splooshes!” is apparently no longer true.


Damn, it’s gonna be the weirdest season yet unless something changes, and that’s saying a lot for a show that has traveled to space, on a blimp, inside a human body, and so many other strange places. Archer returns to FXX on September 16, with episodes popping up the following day on FX on Hulu.

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Honestly, I gave up after the Dreamland season because it just wasn’t Archer anymore. I saw a few episodes here and there and it just wasn’t the same.

That being said, I will definitely check out the final season and see if they can go out on that magic that made the first seasons so amazing.