Archer Visits Area 51, Meets Aliens, Has Many, Many Cocktails

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On this week's Archer, the gang ends up on a plane to Branson ... that ends up getting shot down over Area 51 ... where there are aliens, no-nonsense mustaches, and a bar stocked with "O'Dublin Tequila." The whole thing is goofy and great. Season six is finally hitting its stride! Spoilers ahead.


After last week's adventures in babysitting, Archer has, of course, gone on an epic bender to "recover." Stranded in Vegas (he's not just on the "no fly" list, he's on the "no train" list, too ... and he "will not, cannot, ride the bus"), he begs Carol for an epic favor, which she surprisingly delivers on. But just as he's thanking God for the massive "Sky Tunt" plane that's materialized to pick his scruffy ass up, he has to also thank "Asmodeus, Destroyer of Men," when the door pops open and all of his co-workers reveal they've come along for the ride.

(Well, everyone except for Lana and Malory, who are back at the office sharing a terribly awkward cocktail. These bits are very short and mostly about Malory trying to bribe Lana into renaming AJ after her. Though Lana argues "She's not a friggin' bowl game!", she agrees to making "Malory" her daughter's middle name, after Malory sobs, passive-aggressively, to get her way. One condition is having AJ baptized in a white church. Lana: "WOW.")

Back at cruising altitude, en route to Pam and Krieger's dream destination (country music heaven Branson, Mo.), pilot Ray points out Area 51 on the landscape below. Naturally, everyone demands a closer look ("Get in closer! I can't see jack dick!" - Pam), and pretty much instantly a missile comes soaring out of the top-secret base to nail the perceived intruders.

Though Ray manages to land safely, the plane is pinned down by soldiers as soon as it comes to a stop. Archer manages to smooth-talk and bluff the group's way past the guns and into the officer's club (THERE IS A CIA/LSD/MKULTRA REFERENCE!), though he's still dressed in his tattered Vegas outfit, while everyone else, pretending to be "prisoners," is down to their skivvies.

The officer's club contains maybe the worst-stocked bar Archer has ever seen ("We might even have to use sour mix!"); while he's grousing about the booze (admittedly, "O'Dublin Tequila" does sound highly suspect), a pair of aliens wander in and quickly exit, freaking out the two humans who spot them: Pam and Krieger. They're reduced to blubbering heaps ("Use your talking words," Carol snaps), and immediately run out after the alien duo, leading to one of the best bickering exchanges on the show thus far.


Kreiger: "I bet their anal technology is light years ahead of mine."

Pam: "Light years is a unit of length, dipshit!"

They do find the aliens ("... and that, my dear earthlings, is the key to understanding the entire universe," but that's the only part of the thought we get). More importantly, Archer gets his mojo back after last week's manny deception, taking down an entire hallway full of soldiers, stealing their uniforms, gathering up the posse, stealing a plane, and getting the hell out of Area 51. AND there's still time for an X-Files "Truth is out there" joke as they swoop over the horizon, hellbent for Branson. As Krieger would say, BOOYAH!


Other stuff we learned this week:

-"Guns out, buns out!" is our new favorite Archer quote

- Cheryl/Carol has no memory of her country-music fame or alter ego, Charlene.

- Archer doesn't know what grits or hush puppies are

- Ray didn't realize that sending his pet mini-pig to "live on a farm" meant it would probably become bacon


- Keeping with the Southern/meat food theme, Slater's CIA authentication code is "Sweet-44, Tender-9, Hot-Juicy, Pork Chops"

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