Archer: There aren’t enough synonyms for "sex-crazed"

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We've seen "Swiss Miss," the first episode of Season 2 of Archer and it's just as raunchy, violent, and hilarious as ever. Maybe more.


The season opens with Malory Archer, the matriarch of international spy agency ISIS, continuing to look for a way to save the business from financial ruin. Her plans include cutting back on unnecessary expenses (like paper towels), having their accountant Cyril cook the books, and wooing a new investor: a rich foreign gentleman whose teenage daughter is under threat of being kidnapped.

The theory is that if they can keep the daughter safe during her upcoming birthday party, daddy will be so impressed with the company that he'll become a partner. Unfortunately, the sex-crazed 16-year-old girl repeatedly hits on Archer (who is uncharacteristically reserved, due to her age)m and makes herself difficult to save. The situation quickly devolves into outrageous deaths, unspeakable sex, and chaos.


The Comic Con panel included series creator Adam Reed and cast members H. Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler, Chris Parnell, Amber Nash and Judy Greer. They pointed out that, as voice actors, they rarely see each other while working on the show, and they seemed to be enjoying this chance to gather together as much as the audience did. In fact, they had never met Amber Nash (who voices the HR rules-violating HR rep, Pam) in person before.

The second season will begin airing on FX in January 2011. Reed promised that it will have "huge, huge adventures, set all over the world." The blimp will make an appearance again. Some villains from the first season will return as well — once Reed can convince the actors to come back and work with them again. There will also be new guest voices, including Rachel Harris as an actress who follows Lana around to learn how to be a spy.

Reed talked about the aesthetic of the show, which is an intentional mashup of fashions, gadgets, and plotlines from different decades. He also indicated that this season they will be exploring more of the neighborhood around the office and bringing in characters from some of his previous series (Reed is also the co-creator of Sealab 2021 and Frisky Dingo.

But, of course, the show continues to focus on Sterling Archer, the deluded spy/son who always seems to save the day, even while royally screwing up left and right. Reed says his inspiration for the show was to see how big a jerk he could make the character and still have people like him. In Season 2, this spy with mommy issues will continue to try to figure out who his father is — and maybe deal with some paternity questions of his own.


Seeing this cast together, it quickly becomes apparent how much raw comedic talent there is in the room. Individually they have fantastic timing, and they play off each other excellently. As Aisha describes one of her favorite scenes, Reed cuts in, "That sounds really dirty. When you actually say what's on it, it sounds terrible." Tyler throws back, "When I describe what actually happened?"

So, until the theme park at Whore Island opens, get your kicks watching the ribald antics of your favorite dysfunctional spy team.


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