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Archer Renewed For Three More (Shorter) Seasons

Illustration for article titled iArcher/i Renewed For Three More (Shorter) Seasons

FX has renewed animated spy/drug dealer/private investigator/outlaw country comedy Archer for three more seasons, which will take the show through its 10th season. But while previous seasons ranged between 10 and 13 episodes, these upcoming editions will contain just eight eps each.


Variety reports that season eight will debut in 2017, but offers no other details. This is not surprising, since we didn’t know much of anything about season seven until that amazing Magnum P.I. homage dropped, and with it the news that the gang, banned from espionage work after season six, would be moving from NYC to LA and becoming private eyes.

Okay , so this means ...

Illustration for article titled iArcher/i Renewed For Three More (Shorter) Seasons

The show’s main character, Sterling Archer—last seen floating face-down, riddled with bullet wounds, in a two-timing Hollywood star’s swimming pool—is alive after all. The fun part now will be figuring out how he pulled off that illusion; the two words that immediately come to mind are “Krieger” and “clones.” (I’ve also seen fan theories suggesting that the entire Los Angeles storyline was all a dream, a la Dallas.)

And beyond that—will the Figgis Agency continue, or will Sterling, Malory, Lana, Pam, and company return to the secret-agent life somehow? Let the speculation begin.

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They’ve done Miami Vice and Magnum PI already. Next season is A-Team, or Mannix.