Archer Heads to Danger Island to Face 'Quicksand, Cannibals, and Super-Intelligent Monkeys'

Image: FX
Image: FX

The “Danger Zone” is about to get a whole lot more tropical. FX revealed at San Diego Comic-Con that season nine of Archer will be subtitled Danger Island, taking place on a remote beach in the South Pacific in 1939, where Sterling will be an eyepatch-wearing seaplane pilot. This sounds fantastic.

This next season will mark the fourth time that Archer has done anthologies that are disconnected from Archer’s original narrative, like last season’s noir drama Archer: Dreamland. This time around, executive producer Matt Thompson said he and series creator Adam Reed wanted to do something wacky, moving away from the dark, more-intense-than-normal theme they ended up with last year.


“We loved it, but things got pretty dark, pretty fast,” Thompson said. “Adam Reed has been talking about doing something fun and just having a blast. There will be quicksand, cannibals, and super intelligent monkeys.”

During the Comic-Con panel, we got details about what each of the characters will be doing in this latest anthology season. Seaplane pilot Archer will be joined by co-pilot Pam Poovy and a “talking, fucking” parrot named Crackers, who will be voiced by the guy who normally plays Dr. Krieger. Lana is a princess. Charlotte is an heiress on her honeymoon. Cyril is now Cypurt Fuchs, a British intelligence officer in disguise. And Mallory, now a bar owner, will return to her original role as Sterling Archer’s mother—something Jessica Walter said she was happy about.

“There’s something about what she does to him as a mother that’s so vile because she’s his mother, as opposed to when he’s a stranger,” Walter said.

No word when season nine will debut, but enjoy it—last September, Reed revealed that Archer would end its run after season 10.


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