Archer Goes Full-On Noir in the First Trailer for Season Eight

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The show’s done spy-fi. It’s done ‘80s P.I. shows. And now, the latest target of Sterling Archer and friends is the seedy world of noir. It looks incredible.


We’d gotten a hint of the show’s new premise in a few short promos recently, but now Entertainment Weekly has released the first full trailer for the next season of the show, its first on FXX—and it’s a pretty radical re-imagining of the cast and premise we love, which is saying something considering how much the show has loved tinkering with its settings in the past few seasons.


Season seven left off with the mystery of Archer seemingly dead, and it looks like the noir theme of season eight is partially inspired by that cliffhanger, creating a fantasy world in Sterling’s mind where all his friends and colleagues are mysterious strangers to him, and Sterling himself is a gritty ‘40s detective. According to EW, Mallory is the biggest mobster in L.A., Cyril and Pam are detective partners, and Lana’s a sultry nightclub performer. All this sounds so good, I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

Archer makes its FXX debut on April 5.


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Please let Patrick Stewart voice cameo as a rival gumshoe Dixon Hill.