Illustration for article titled iArcher /iGets Totally Noir in the First Promos For Season Eight

Archer is heading to a new network, FX offshoot FXX, and a new era. Though the show has traditionally had a lot of fun never specifying exactly when it’s taking place, season eight, subtitled Dreamland, is most definitely set in the past. We get our first glimpse of the 1940s milieu in these two quick promo clips.

Dreamland—which may or may not take place entirely within the comatose mind of Sterling Archer, last seen floating face-down in a movie star’s swimming pool—looks like a lot of fun, recasting the characters as film noir types. Lana will obviously slay as a jazz-club singer, though Archer doesn’t look like he’ll morph too much, playing a gun-happy, cocktail-toting dick—ahem, “slang for detective, so... not an insult!” Look for Archer: Dreamland to hit FXX this spring.


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