Archer: 1999 Shows Off Its 'Late ‘70s, Early ‘80s Sci-Fi Vibe' in This New Behind-the-Scenes Peek

Pam (yep, that’s Pam) and Cheryl giving off Aliens vibes.
Pam (yep, that’s Pam) and Cheryl giving off Aliens vibes.
Image: FXX

FXX has just released a “first look” detailing the sci-fi themed 10th season of Archer, also known as Archer: 1999. Of course, all the cast and crew are going to be enthusiastic about their own show, but it’s pretty undeniable how kick-ass this season (said to be the animated cult favorite’s final) is looking: Space battles! Aliens! Robots! Malory as a (drunk) sentient AI! Gladiator fights!

“This is more like a merchant marine ship of a ragtag crew,” executive producer Casey Willis explains in the clip. “You’ll see a lot of influence from Aliens and 2001, shows like Space: 1999.” Later, he adds, “Sci-fi is a huge genre. We kind of narrowed it down to like a late ‘70s, early ‘80s sci-fi vibe.” As you can see, it looks like they nailed it perfectly:

Yep, we’re ready to blast off into the danger zone with these characters again, and the time is rapidly approaching: Archer: 1999 premieres May 29 on FXX.


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I get that they felt they ran out of stories to tell in the spy world (?) But I just found the last season unwatchable for some reason. It's a shame.