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You guys know Aquaman is a badass now, right? The former butt of superhero jokes has been kicking said butt, both on his own and with the Justice League in DC's comics. Now he'll have the chance to do the same in animation, as star of the new DC movie Throne of Atlantis.

An adaptation of Geoff Johns' recent Justice League storyarc of the same name, Throne of Atlantis is a continuation of the new 52-focused DC animated universe set up in Justice League: War. The plot involves Atlantis declaring war on the surface world after an errant military ship accidentally fires on the undersea nation; as the planet's sole half-human, half-Atlantean, Aquaman tries to keep his brother Orm and his friends in the Justice League from needlessly destroying each other.


And yes, that is indeed Justice League: Doom's Nathan Fillion at the end of the trailer, returning as the voice of Green Lantern. Oh, Nathan Fillion. You can even make Hal Jordan interesting!

[Via ToyNewsI]

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