Aquaman and Aquagirl and the Amazing Crown of Justice

Friday was a snow day in Austin, Texas. I told my daughter she couldn’t just watch videos all day. This is what she made.

Expect spelling and execution in line with a first-grader. Be nice.


The story was titled “Aquaman and Aquagirl and the Amazing Crown of Justice.”

(She messed up the order here, we’ll allow it.)

They were patrolling the city when a volcano erupted and it was going straight to the Atlanteans’ home, toward the castle, straight to the crown. Oh no!


Aquaman made a shield to protect the Atlanteans but that was not enough. The lava was melting the shield.


All of the fish hid behind the coral reef. Or they hid in their homes.


But they did not give up. They went up to the humans and asked them to lead the lava somewhere else and they got all of the lava out of the ocean.

I may be biased but this is one of the best comics of 2017.


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