Apple TV+'s Calls Sounds Like Twilight Zone on the Phone

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Calls is an upcoming Apple TV+ series that is almost exclusively audio recordings of people making phone calls, and when you first watch—listen, really—this trailer is going to seem like the dumbest idea possible. Then, as you keep going, the hook becomes very clear—it’s what you can’t see that’s most frightening, and in Calls, you can’t see anything at all.


Based on a French TV series, the show boasts an incredibly high-caliber voice cast including The Mandalorian’s Pedro Pascal and Rosario Dawson, Guardian of the Galaxy’s Karen Gillan, and Big Mouth’s Mark Duplass, among many others. There is technically a visual aspect to the nine-episode TV series, which even Apple admits is made up of “minimal abstract visuals,” but they’re utterly inconsequential to the audio, which starts as a series of banal phone calls that become increasingly creepy and surreal:

Apparently, each 12-minute “episode” combines to tell one overarching story, which makes the trailer even more compelling as they seem to have no connection other than all the callers are dealing with some increasingly bad situations. It still makes infinitely more sense for Calls to be a podcast instead of a “show,” but there’s nothing stopping you from closing your eyes while you watch, I guess.

The series will be available on Apple TV+ starting on March 19.

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Parliamentarian of Crows

This is something Apple should be using to promote their terrible Podcast app, rather than trying to pretend it’s a TV show.