Apple Maps Glitch Takes Drivers to Runway of International Airport

Here's another reason why you shouldn't just blindly follow directions provided by your friendly neighborhood mapping service: An error on new iPhones and iPads directs drivers to a runway at a major international Alaskan airport.

To be fair, the map actually stops at the tarmac. What's more, there's a gate, warning lights, and numerous signs saying not to proceed. But that didn't stop two people from driving their cars across an active runway earlier this month. Thankfully no one was injured, but it could have turned out far worse; this runway at the Fairbanks International Airport is quite active.


After the first incident on September 6, airport personnel attempted to contact the people at Apple Maps and their legal department. They also contacted the Attorney General's office and requested a total shutdown of the Apple Maps service for their area.

Airport officials were led to believe that the issue would be resolved within the week — but then the second incident happened on September 20, prompting the airport to barricade the entrance to the runway.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has issued an apology for causing customers "frustration" while promising to improve the app's accuracy in the future.




[Yahoo! News & Geek; Top image: Apple; runway image: AP]

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