Apple granted patent for holographic technology

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Throw out your glasses. Apple has applied for, and recently been granted, a patent for tech that could produce 3D images without the need for special eyewear.

Start saving up your money, and get ready to throw those shiny new iPhones and iPads in the garbage, because they could soon be obsolete. The iMblinded (probably not it's actual name) is Apple's next all-consuming piece of personal technology. It will allow its users to see actual 3D holograms on their palm-top computers.

How does it work? The images will be displayed through a screen that consists of many tiny little plastic domes. As anyone who has played with glass bowls or prisms knows, when light hits the edge of a surface, it is deflected a little from its course. The screen underneath the domes will send out certain images. If they hit one section of the domes, they'll be deflected one way. If they another section, they'll be deflected another way. The technology would work by using the domes to deflect one image to your left eye, and a slightly different one to your right eye. Your brain will then integrate those two different views to form a 3D image.


Many will be excited at the prospect of this new technology. Others — for example people who don't want to have to engineer 3D websites, have light deflected into their eyes at movie theaters, or listen to their friends obsessing about their new toy — won't be as eager.

Via The Telegraph.

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