Apparently, we should write about bad hair days for the undead more often. In the midst of all our Twilight coverage, Annalee's little post about the problems of coiffure care when you can't see yourself in the mirror certainly caught the attention of you lot... even if a lot of you were very focused on the vampires that she'd managed to leave off the list. Here are some of the ones we might've missed.bluehinter was just one of those upset by the omissions to the list:

C'mon. This list barely scratches the surface of horrible vampire hair. What about all the terrible "historical" haircuts from Forever Knight? (or Vachon and the Mullet that Dare Not Speak It's Name) There's also the plasti-hair vamps from 'Captain Kronos' and Aukon from the Doctor Who episode 'State of Decay.'


FiorenzaClam was more concerned that fake hair was the victim of prejudice:

You forgot Angel's wig from the flashback. That thing is worse than all the others put together.

dangrgirl was thinking more contemporarily:

You forgot Mick St. John's feathered look in MOONLIGHT

To be fair, most people have forgotten Moonlight altogether, so can you really blame us? The best part of the comments for that post, though, wasn't all of the people that we'd forgotten, but how damn educational the whole thing was. To wit:

Mathmos: "As I recall there's a Jewish vampire in Polanski's The Fearless Vampire Killers" Shamoononon has hebetudinous dog *****: "Human blood is Kosher?" Kishi: "Does the Talmud say otherwise? braak: "Actually, I think it might." Mathmos: "Apparently the Torah prohibits consumption of blood. Guess now we know why - it leads to bad hair."



Shamoononon has hebetudinous dog *****: And actually, I thought the Francis Ford Coppola Dracula was far creepier than many of the others. The hair was a great touch and the most believable for something eons old. braak: "It is true that old people often have dumb haircuts—so, something really old ought to have a haircut that was really dumb. Though, 'eons old' might be an exaggeration. He was only four hundred and fifty."

Is advanced vampire age to blame for bad vampire hair? It's definitely a possibility, but Bonniegrrl thinks she knows better:

Annalee! It's like you're trying to pick a fight with me! HAIR FIGHT! HAIR FIGHT! Spike and Angel had awesome hair. In fact, Joss made a point to make fun of Angel's hair in a couple of episodes (since he's very particular about his hair gel). And I have to say out of all the vampire hair I've seen in TV and movies, Edward's hair is hot. Messy = sexy in my book. And that kid smolders — right down to his hair follicles!


kasviel agrees, and in the process, comes up with what may be the best comment of the week:

I think Pattinson looks extremely hot with that hair, and I like Spike and Angel, too. Okay, I just like vampire hair, ok? I'm an anime fan, so it makes sense.

Now there's a post we should be doing: Anime And Vampire Hair Fetish: The Hidden Link. What do you think?