Apocalyptic short film shows us Paris with all the people "deleted"

What would the most crowded parts of Paris look like without any people in them? That's what travel-focused filmmakers Claire and Maxime wanted to find out. The two hate crowds, and wanted to see their city with only animals in it. The result is gorgeous and haunting.


The movie is called "Hypocentre." Writes Maxime to io9:

Each month we travel and make video of our travels for fun. We live in Paris, and we wanted to do a short film about Paris. We really love Paris but we hate public transportation because it is always crowded! So, for our short film, we decided to delete the people, and show deserted streets.


You can find out the technical details on how the two filmmakers created this movie here.

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David Gustafson

Oh, that is spooky, more frightening than most horror films. I wonder if it would remain effective if even one person remained in various shots?