Apocalypse nears as CBS orders a Wizard of Oz-themed medical drama

Illustration for article titled Apocalypse nears as CBS orders a emWizard of Oz/em-themed medical drama

I regret to inform you all that the entire medium of television irrevocably passed into complete irrelevancy earlier today after CBS announced they were developing a TV series named Dorothy, about a medical drama based on The Wizard of Oz. I am serious.


Obviously, it is now imperative that we stop making TV forever. It may seem like a harsh solution, but remember: CBS is making a goddamned Wizard of Oz-themed medical drama TV series. If we don't stop this insanity now we're going to get an Alice in Wonderland-themed lawyer series next, followed by a show where the girls from Little Women are no-nonsense FBI agents who don't play by the rules— OH MY GOD FOX IS ALREADY MAKING A SLEEPY HOLLOW-THEMED COP DRAMA AAAAA WE'RE TOO LATE WE'RE TOOOOOOO LAAAATTTTTTTEEEEE

[Via Deadline]

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Alex Cranz

You make it sound like watching Meg, the non nonsense head of the team, Amy, the girlish techie, and Jo and Beth, the partners, hunt down serial killers while Beth hides her fatal illness from her family would be a BAD thing.