In The Ape Man, an example of raw craziness from 1943, Bela "Dracula" Lugosi finds himself turned into an "ape man" due to some kind of mad science accident. After puttering about in his lab wearing gorillaface, he realizes that he only needs a bunch of spinal fluid to make himself human again. So he starts attacking humans with his gorilla buddy (whom he actually sleeps with in that cage at night), sucking out their spinal fluid, and whining about how "it's not enough." Finally, as you can see in this climactic scene, he captures a lady who refuses to let him suck spine. He winds up duking it out over her with his gorilla pal. I just love all the running and screaming and gorilla noises. Apparently this flick did so well that in 1944 Lugosi starred as a different mad scientist in Return of the Ape Man β€” he and a pal decide to transplant a "less primitive" brain into the body of a caveman and the fun begins. This wasn't even Lugosi's first gorilla tale β€” that honor goes to his star turn in Murders in the Rue Morgue (1932), where he plays a mad scientist who wants to put the blood of a gorilla into the body of a nubile, caged-up woman in order to create some kind of hybrid. [The Ape Man via IMDB]