Orphan Black slowed down its pace this week, but dropped a huge bomb on the clones. While the clones have been trying to hide their genetic identities from their nearest and dearest, those nearest and dearest may very well have been spying on them this entire time. So who's a spy and who is just acting suspicious? Spoilers ahead.

We kick off things with Helena, who is still alive and being tended to by the man with the signet ring. She moans what appears to be his name, "Thomas."

Well, now we know why Paul just wouldn't go away. After sexy times with Paul, Sarah sleeps beside him and seems to dream that people in white are performing medical tests on her. She writes it off…until she coughs up an electrode (that she somehow swallowed in her sleep?) and notices a needle mark in her arm. So the men in white weren't a dream after all, and Paul probably let them into the house. Ruh-roh.


Of course, once Alison realizes Beth's boyfriend was likely a spy for the experimenters, she's convinced her hubby is as well. Granted, Donnie is making shady phone calls to someone about Alison, but that could be a shrink or a divorce lawyer. And, after a massive search of all of his stuff (which at first turns up little more than a Big Boob Blowies DVD) she finds a lock box, one that all of her hacksawing powers can't get her into. When she confronts Donnie about it, he complains that all he wants is a little privacy. On the one hand, Alison is kind of a control freak, and I could see Donnie wanting to keep his business locked up tight. But what does he want her to hide from her more than Big Boob Blowies? Alison buys a nanny cam.

We also learn that Sarah isn't the only clone who's been sweet-talking Raj, the IT guy from the police department. Apparently Beth illicitly borrowed some surveillance equipment from the police station, and Sarah and Felix search Beth's home, figuring Beth might have been spying on Paul while Paul was spying on her. But, in a moment of (momentary) growth, Sarah doesn't read Beth's correspondence with Paul, chiding Fe that they're private. They do eventually find the goods in Beth's car.


While Alison is in a tizzy hunting through Donnie's stuff, Sarah visits Paul's suspiciously empty consulting firm. She plants a bug under Paul's desk and finds that the desk—like the rest of the office—is strangely empty. But Paul notices a little weirdness of his own: when he's kissing Sarah's neck, he realizes she doesn't have a scar that Beth has. Sarah tries to write it off as the results of some miraculous new lotion, but his antenna is up—and not the one that he's been using since Sarah arrived.

Sarah does end up reading Paul and Beth's letters after all. Beth was in love with Paul, but Paul wasn't in love with her and wouldn't leave her. He certainly seems to be falling for Sarah now, though, and Sarah looks perfectly miserable about it.

For two of our other characters, however, love is in the air. When Cosima isn't convincing one of her colleagues to run tests on Katja's blood for her, she's moving in on Delphine, the pretty molecular biology grad student from France. I'm fully expecting Cosima to, at some point during this series, discuss all the myriad biological factors that might contribute to sexuality. But also…no! Cosima! Stop! Bad! Have you learned nothing from Sarah's experience with Paul? Spies are likely to present themselves in the form of sexy potential romantic partners.

You know what is apparently genetic, according to Orphan Black? Being freaking nosy. Cosima reads Delphine's mail, sneaking a peek at her grades, before approaching her.

Felix is also getting adorable with Colin, the helpful fellow from the morgue. I wonder what purpose Colin serves in showing up at this point? Perhaps it's just to freak out once Sarah or one of the other clones crosses his path, but maybe there's something more at work.

Sarah (the real Sarah this time) picks Kira up from school and takes her straight home to Mrs. S. Alison's visit from last week has clearly warmed Mrs. S to Sarah, and they share a rather familial exchange. (I do love that Mrs. S introduced Sarah to punk rock.) Even when she asks Mrs. S for a favor, it's a small, ordinary one: she wants to know where she came from. We know that Sarah came to Mrs. S when she was not much older than Kira, but Mrs. S claims to know little about Sarah's background. It's likely she knows more than she's telling, but is she in league with one of these mysterious organizations?


Oh, and Vic's back. He's in deep motor oil after loosing the cocaine brick, and loses a finger to a paper cutter. When he spots Alison at a shopping center, he mistakes her for Sarah and figures Sarah must still be alive. Alison calmly maces Vic and then less calmly describes him to Sarah as "urban," then admits she means "not white." But at least now we know Vic isn't Kira's father. I wonder if the identity of Kira's father is going to be significant to the folks who are after the clones.

And yep, Paul's a spy. He even has a shadowy meeting with some dude named Olivier. But despite Paul's suspicions, he covers for Sarah, telling Olivier that everything is fine with "Beth." Sarah and Felix have their suspicions confirmed when they listen to the conversation via the bug. But there's another problem: Paul followed Sarah and knows about Kira. And there's yet another problem: Felix didn't bother to lock his front door. Vic shows up and he's pissed. Sarah pays him off with $20,000 from Alison's protection fund and expresses shame for the lifestyle she led with Vic. "We were parasites," she snaps.


Alison pulls out the lock box again and finds it unlocked. But what's inside? Porn DVDs. Sorry, Donnie, but Alison already knows about Big Boob Blowies. He burns the real contents of the lockbox while talking to his contact. She does, however, welcome him back into bed. What are you up to, Alison?

Paul and Sarah meet and the secrets come tumbling out. Paul realizes that Sarah isn't Beth, and Sarah reveals that Beth jumped in front of a train. In fact, Sarah accuses Paul of being responsible for Beth's death, for killing her by lying to her, by letting people run tests on her while she slept, by betraying her even as she loved him. Paul is confused, angry, he keeps pointing a gun at Sarah and insisting that this must be some kind of sick test. "How could you do that to her?" Sarah asks. He lowers the gun. "You think I had a choice?" Sarah demands to know why he was monitoring Beth, and he takes a breath and grits his teeth. "They don't tell us why."

Wow. Okay, so we know that Paul and Donnie are both monitors, but who else is spying on our gals? Delphine? Mrs. S? Felix? And are these the folks that Maggie Chen was working for before she joined up with Thomas and Helena?