Any Guesses As To What These Bizarro Goggles Are Used For?

We'll give you a hint: They were developed by NASA.

They're space eye-wash goggles.

The ESA explains:

Imagine you are an astronaut on the International Space Station and a fleck of dust gets in your eye or you accidentally splash chilli sauce or something even worse in there. Where do you get the water from and how do you rinse your eyes? There are no flowing-water taps and even if there were cupping water in your hands is impossible in zero-gravity.

And think of cleaning up afterwards – water floating around electrical equipment in space is not a good idea.

Engineers came up with the idea seen in this picture. ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst is practising the space version of "wash copiously under running water" at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, USA. The goggles are connected to an eyewash solution that is pumped around the eyes and then away.


Apparently it doesn't hurt or feel weird. The goggles will accompany Gerst on the Blue Dot mission beginning May 28th aboard the ISS.

Credit: NASA via ESA.

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