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Anti-Monitor Exclusive Is a Crisis at Infinite Cons

Illustration for article titled Anti-Monitor Exclusive Is a Crisis at Infinite Cons

He can unleash universe-obliterating waves of anti-matter, but you can control comic book supervillain Anti-Monitor's powers with the click of a dial. The DC Heroclix Anti-Monitor action pack came out last month, but an alternate version will be offered as a convention exclusive at this year's San Diego Comic Con and Gen Con Indy. Even if you don't play Heroclix, those LED eyes make for one hell of a desk lamp.


The basic Anti-Monitor action pack comes with one giant Anti-Monitor figure, a few other figures and a map. Anti himself has three different levels of power representing his awesome cosmic might in the original Crisis On Infinite Earths. The con exclusive Anti-Monitor will represent his more recent incarnation as a member of the Sinestro Corps. In addition to a repaint and a corps emblem on his chest, he'll have a totally different combat dial with reduced power levels, making him easier to fit onto a standard team. Image by: Wizkids.

Announcing 2008 Convention Exclusives! [Wizkids]

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Ed Grabianowski

@Klebert L. Hall: I was going to get one of these to display in my office, right on top of my computer screen, but I decided not to for that very reason.

Also, I initially typoed 'decided' as 'deicide.' One of those rare appropo typos.

@AaronZ: Hey, it's AZS!