Anthony Michael Hall Heads Back to High School as Riverdale's Principal

Not so much a Breakfast Club as it is an unhealthy eating habits club.
Not so much a Breakfast Club as it is an unhealthy eating habits club.
Photo: The CW

Anthony Michael Hall is joining the cast of Riverdale for a flashback episode called, appropriately enough, “The Midnight Club.” In the episode he’ll be joined by the parents of our beloved crew when they were teenagers. Each one of them is an Archie. And a Jughead. And a Betty. A Veronica. And a Red-Haired Fire Goddess.


Interestingly enough, many of Riverdale’s stars will play the younger versions of their parents, but we’ll see some new additions—for example, Mark Consuelos’ son, Michael, will play the younger version of Hiram Lodge. Hall joins fellow The Breakfast Club alumna Molly Ringwald, who already plays the part of Mary Andrews, Archie’s mom, on the series.

Riverdale creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa revealed on Twitter that Hall will be playing the part of Principal Featherhead, the man who led Riverdale High back when Hiram Lodge, Fred Andrews, Penelope Blossom, and many of the other tragedy-filled parents roamed the halls. And he revealed it in style...

According to TV Line, Principal Featherhead will get “caught up in the game the teenagers are playing in an unexpected way,” as we dive into the history of all the nasty shit the parents of Riverdale were up to back then.

Riverdale returns with season three on November 7. Sincerely yours, the Midnight Club.


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Somebody had fun with the moms’ maiden names. Mary Maiden? Alice Smith? Sierra Samuels?

And Penelope was already a Blossom? No wonder 3rd cousins don’t fill like incest to them!