Anthony Mackie Fights a Robot in an Exclusive Clip from Netflix’s Outside the Wire

Anthony Mackie and Damson Idris in Netflix’s Outside the Wire.
Anthony Mackie and Damson Idris in Netflix’s Outside the Wire.
Photo: Netflix

This weekend brings the release of several new streaming movies but the one that interests us most has Marvel star Anthony Mackie playing a cyborg.

The Netflix film is Outside the Wire and stars Mackie as a secret military cyborg in charge of an important mission. He recruits a hotshot soldier (Damson Idris) to help him out, but soon the soldier realizes Mackie’s character may not be quite the good guy we expect him to be.


Along the way, plenty of sci-fi mayhem and action ensues, including a fun little showdown with a very cool-looking robot. Netflix gave io9 the exclusive reveal of that exact clip from Outside the Wire.

Director Mikael Håfström clearly is channeling James Cameron with this scene, from the mech that bears a strong resemblance to Ripley’s power loader in Aliens, to the grenade launcher, similar to the one the T-800 uses in Terminator 2. Mackie is also very much using the swagger that’s made him such a favorite not just in the Marvel films, but going back to The Hurt Locker, Notorious, and 8 Mile. It seems like a winning combination.

You can see for yourself when Outside the Wire comes to Netflix Friday, January 15.


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Looks fun, but that clip required a whole lot of suspension of disbelief. There were atleast 4 different occasions in that fight alone where something with auto-tracking and a gun that big would have dropped Mackie in less than a second.  I’ll give it a watch anyways of course.