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Anthony Hopkins Battles a Serial Killer With Psychic Powers in Thriller Solace

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It’s been a minute since we’ve had a truly bonkers horror noir—think Se7en or Fallen—but paranormal procedural Solace looks like it has potential. Anthony Hopkins plays a psychic who helps FBI agent Jeffrey Dean Morgan track a serial killer (Colin Farrell) who is an even more powerful psychic.

Unfortunately, while that premise is pleasantly ridiculous, their ESP battle royale doesn’t appear to include any Scanners-style exploding heads. Solace has been in the can for awhile, with a release delayed due to some studio shuffles. At one point in its development it was intended to be an outright sequel to Se7en, though ultimately that idea was scrapped. It’ll be out December 16.


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More than this movie, I am interested in the story of how someone tried to make a sequel to Se7en and it turned into a shelved movie about 2 psychics battling each other starring Anthony Hopkins. That seems like a big jump.This is the first I have heard of this movie even being made. Time for me to Bing the intertubes and find out more.