Antarctica Is Shrinking Before Your Eyes

The European Space Agency reported on Friday that satellite photos taken over the past several months reveal that the massive Wilkins ice shelf is crumbling, even in the depths of antarctic winter. The scary part is that the bit that's crumbling, as you can see in these images, is a small bridge attaching a massive, thousands-of-square-miles sheet of ice to another. Once this tiny bridge falls apart, it will unleash one of the biggest chunks of ice to break off the frozen continent ever. The ESA estmates the bridge will break up within the next few days. [ESA via Universe Today]


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My dad has a PhD in Physics from Princeton. He's been working in the UC (University California) system for around 40 years interacting with other scientists around the world from America to Russia. My point is: He's connected. He see and hears the basic research 20 years before anyone else does.

Back in 1985, he told me a story about how these vast underwater beltways of ocean currents were carrying the heat from the equator to the north and south poles keeping them at bay. The titanic solar powered heater which makes Earth such a comfy place to live. He also described to me how, when global warming melts the ice sheets those underground currents will halt due to the loss of salinity (overinfused with fresh water). Then, in a period of 10 years, half of the earth will instantaneously freeze in another ice age. The hell of this prophecy is, when the caps suddenly freeze, they will reflect light/heat and the earth will take a millenium to defrost.

This was back in 1985. 20 years later, the prophecy is happening. It's not global warming we have to worry about. That's just temporary. Enjoy it. And start packing in food and ammo. When the ice comes, it will be WW III as the nations fight for the remaining farmland as if it's made of solid gold.

Many people are still bickering over whats responsible for this. Is it the unusual volcanic activity we've had in the last 100 years? Is it man made? It doesn't matter. It WILL happen and, like everything Humankind has ever done, we will die fighting rather than deal with it before it's too late. Good stuff for apocalypse novels :)