Ant-Man and the Wasp's Director Dissects One of the Movie's Huge Fights

Evangeline Lily as The Wasp.
Evangeline Lily as The Wasp.
Image: Marvel Studios

Making a fight scene for a big superhero movie is complicated. Making a fight scene where the heroes are constantly shrinking and growing is even more complicated.


In another entry in Vanity Fair’s excellent “Notes on a Scene” series, Peyton Reed opens up about the techniques used to blend CGI and live-action to create fights that make physics sense and look incredible at the same time.

This is fascinating stuff. The giant salt shaker? Not real, but there was some plexiglas that the guy ran into to get the same effect for shooting. Tiny Wasp? CGI, of course, but Evangeline Lily’s face was shot in a camera array to superimpose on all of her CGI costumed actions. And there is, in general, a lot more practical work in these fights than I’d expect. And Reed does a fantastic job of laying it all out.


Watch the video below, though note there are some minor spoilers for the situation and choreography of a fight scene. And the life and times of one giant salt shaker.

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Peyton Reed is a pretty cool guy. He just did an interview with ScreenCrush where he watched their Honest Trailer of Ant-Man and did a commentary on it with them and it was hilarious:

He also explains where that Paul Rudd/Michael Douglas “ANTS!” promo came from — apparently, someone asked Rudd to just improve something and so they came up that weird “ANTS!” thing and it just went viral.