Another Trailer for Beyond Skyline Makes the Movie Look Totally Badass

Image: Vertical Entertainment
Image: Vertical Entertainment
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Whoever is cutting the trailers for Beyond Skyline deserves a raise.

Here we’ve got the sequel to a super bad movie—a sequel that probably shouldn’t exist. But it’s got a cast that includes Frank Grillo and Iko Uwais, and the first trailer was really good. Now, the second trailer makes us want to forget the first movie even exists.

Come on, tell us you didn’t watch that trailer, hear that pulse-pounding score, and think, “Yeah, I’ll watch that movie.”

For those who may be lost, Skyline, about an alien invasion in Los Angeles, was released in 2010. Its sequel tells another side of the story. This one starts in New York with a father and a son but then goes to the other side of the world. The co-writer of the original film, Liam O’Donnell, wrote and directed this second installment.

Beyond Skyline opens December 15.

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Same writer as the first one, why would this be any better?