Another ten bets you'll (almost) never lose

From Quirkology's Richard Wiseman comes another roundup of pub tricks that you can use to impress and/or vex your friends.


As with Wiseman's previous tricks, a lot of these are actually pretty clever (bet #2, for instance, relies on the creation of a partial vacuum, and bet #4 on an implementation of Bernoulli's principle), while others – # 10, for example – could get you punched in the mouth, if you don't choose your audience wisely. As always, you'll want to roll these out at your own discretion.



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He fails his own challenge on the second to last one. He says, "without touching or disturbing the larger coins" but after he knocks the stack with his smaller coin, the coins are not stacked as neatly, so they have clearly been disturbed. He should not have won that bet.