Another SHIELD Agent Joins Civil War And Martin Freeman's Role Revealed

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Another day, another character added to Captain America: Civil War. It won’t shock you — or it shouldn’t — that Emily VanCamp will return to the movie as Sharon Carter, a.k.a. Agent 13, the age-appropriate love interest/relative of Agent Peggy. As for who Martin Freeman’s playing, well, that’s a bit more intriguing...


Admittedly, this is a Latino Review rumor, so it could go either way, but it seems imminently plausible that Freeman is playing the Black Panther villain Everett K. Ross. Via the Marvel Wiki:

As an expert on Wakandan questions, Everett Ross was often asked for advice, working along government officials and the N.S.A..

When Ulysses Klaw launch an invasion of Wakanda, Ross was sent to counsel the Special Forces, in order to help the Very Special Forces (zombies) to enter the country.

Since we know Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther is being introduced in the movie, it makes perfect sense that one of his antagonists would as well, especially seeing as Klaw already made his debut in Age of Ultron. Also, I don’t know much about Ross’ comic book counterpart, but the Marvel Wiki page’s image for him is him sitting in terror on a toilet without his pants; if Ross is evil and comic relief, well, I can’t imagine a better role for Freeman.

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But what about the REAL hero of Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron?! This SHIELD computer guy! Whose name apparently is Cameron Klein