Another Season Of Lost, Another Batch Of Shady Characters

After the exodus and explosions at end of Lost season four, you may have worried the mysterious island would be emptied out. But don't worry - everyone's favorite rag-tag group of sexily scarred castaways are getting more roomies. EW announced that the fifth season will add two new characters. Sometimes I think the premise of Lost is to jam as many awful people as possible into one island, plus Hurley. Click through for the character descriptions, with minor spoilers. spills that the first character will be:

Caesar, a dangerous, physical and extremely intelligent male between the ages of 35 and 45. Although his intentions are unclear, this much is certain: He's as skillful at charming people as he is at killing them. He also has a dark past, but, c'mon, that much was a given.


The second addition is:

Ilanna, a European female in her late 20s to early 30s who possesses great intelligence, but who's also dangerous as all get out. She's alluring and apparently used to getting her own way.

Ah, the island of confusing and dark pasts. If this place really existed, how uncomfortable would the dinners be? Almost everyone has killed someone or done terrible things in his/her past. What do they talk about all day: knifing people, manipulating the masses? Remember that time I tried to shoot you but the gun didn't work? Fun times. [EW]

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