We're in the middle of a scary measles outbreak, and reminding ourselves just how deadly this disease can be. But in case you needed another reason to be alarmed by the measles, here's one: It was brought to Earth by Doctor Who's cybernetic war machines, the Daleks.

That's just one of the fascinating Dalek facts to be found in the 1966 Dalek World Annual, which has a two-page spread called "Strange to Tell... According to the Daleks". Which was apparently written by someone who had never watched Doctor Who and knew nothing about the Daleks, and was only given half an hour to come up with some strange Dalek facts on the fly. Facts include that a Dalek only weighs "two and a half Earth pounds," that the Daleks have humanoid spies on Earth masquerading as children on Earth, that Daleks are incapable of seeing the color red, and that a Dalek can move at 2,000 miles per hour. DID YOU KNOW THESE THINGS? NOW YOU DO.


This "1960s Doctor Who Crack" was posted on the Doctor Who LiveJournal by Gordon, who also posted a scan of a bizarre story where the Daleks are thwarted by a mole. Not a spy, an actual furry mole. It's adorable. Check it out here.

And the final piece of 1960s Doctor Who Crack from Gordon was this beautiful diagram of the anatomy of a Dalek:


[via Livejournal]