Another R-Rated Garth Ennis Comic, The Boys, Is Coming to TV Thanks to Seth Rogen

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It seems like comic writer Garth Ennis is taking a liking to Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. The duo are in the midst of bringing his comic, Preacher, to AMC and now they’re hoping to bring another of his famous works, The Boys, to Cinemax.


Late late year, Birth Movies Death reported that Rogen and Goldberg were shopping the comic as a show, and now Deadline confirms Cinemax taken the bait and put the show into development. The Boys is about a special CIA group whose job is to keep a watchful, and forceful, eye on the superheroes of the world.

Anchorman and Big Short director Adam McKay had been developing The Boys as a film for quite a long time but that’s obviously now pivoted to TV, where a sprawling story like this simply is easier to adapt (think The Walking Dead). Because of the success of that show, darker, meatier comics like Preacher and Y The Last Man have made the jump to the small screen. Now The Boys joins the list.

There’s more, too—Erik Kripke, the man behind the massive hit Supernatural, will write the pilot, which Rogen and Goldberg will direct.

Written by Ennis and drawn by Darick Robertson, The Boys ran for 72 issues from 2008 to 2012.

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I loved Preacher, and I read the entire run of The Boys, but it just felt like Ennis was trying WAY too hard to be Edgy as Fuck by the end of it. And then, of course, Crossed took that line and somersaulted over it.

I just can’t see how it could ever be made into something broadcastable without reworking about 90% of the content.