Another of Dwayne Johnson's Jungle Cruise Collaborators Is Joining Him for Black Adam

From Jungle Cruise.
From Jungle Cruise.
Image: Disney

Much to the surprise of all, the Black Adam movie seems to be actually moving forward, with Shazam or without him, and this weekend another crucial bit of information about the film dropped.


We still are lacking a lot of crucial context about what the film will end up being—will Black Adam be a baddie, or more, as Dwayne Johnson has described him, an antihero? Will anyone else from the recent DCEU be involved? Who else is starring in it? No clue. But now we know, thanks to a rogue tweet from the Rock himself, that Larry Sher will be coming onboard as director of photography.

This is an extremely underrated role in giving the film shape. As DP, Sherr, whose credits include Jungle Cruise, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and Joker, plays a major role in deciding the visual language of the film, directing shots and providing creative guidance into what does and doesn’t go into the framing of the movie’s footage. Sher’s career is long and spent largely on comedies—he was a major collaborator with Todd Phillips, and like him worked on all three Hangover movies—though he’s not entirely inexperienced at shooting more dramatic fare, either.

What this says about the shape of the film is hard to say, but Sher is certainly capable of shooting a visually interesting film when joined by the right collaborators. He’ll be joining attached director Jaume Collet-Serra, who’s also directing Jungle Cruise.

Black Adam is set to begin production next year, with the release date set as December 22, 2021. 


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For a moment, I thought Emily Blunt was who the title was referring to. Not unhappy with the real news, however, as Killa said, Joker’s cinematography is a recommendation all by itself.

Now I’ve got to go find a corner and recover from my unrealistic hope and letdown... *sigh*

(Also, is The Herb beating up on the rest of the Gizmodo sites?  Folks are getting Kinja-greyed randomly over on Jezebel now?)