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Oh, man. As if casting David Tennant as the impossible sinister Killgrave on Marvel's upcoming Netflix TV series wasn't awesome enough, Grey's Anatomy's Rachael Taylor has joins the cast as the title character's best friend Trish "Patsy" Walker, best known as the ass-kicking supheroine Hellcat.


Weirdly, Hellcat was not part of the Alias comic that A.k.a. Jessica Jones will be based off of, and she may not even suit up in the show. Here's all that The Hollywood Reporter says about the character:

Taylor will play Trish Walker, Jessica's best friend, who works as a syndicated radio-talk-show host and is a former model and child TV star known to her adoring fans as "Patsy" Walker. As Jessica's closest friend, Trish helps her embark on the most dangerous case of Jessica's career.


Which matches with the history of the comic character, but doesn't exactly indicate that she'll be out busting crooks with a blue-and-yellow cat costume on. But since Jessica Jones will presumably have some kind of superheroic past, it makes sense that her best friend would share it, don't you think? Man, if Jennifer "She-Hulk" Walters makes a cameo in this show, I'm going to flip the hell out.

[Via The Mary Sue]

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