Like some unholy cross between a Taco Bell commercial and Species, the movie Chihuanhas is here to remind you what freaky genetic hybrids are all about. Crossing killer fish with annoying yappy dogs!


The concept art is very, um, evocative, and of course the movie tagline is pretty much flawless: "They're not just ankle biters anymore."

There is also something weirdly mesmerizing about watching this CG rendering of the Chihuanha slowly spinning, its pointy tail floating past you, then its scary mouth swerving into view, framed by those adorable fish fin ears.


According to Undead Backbrain:

The film was written by director Jim L. Clark, who among other SFX positions was a rotoscope artist on Hellboy in 2004 and, going back further, a creature animator on An American Werewolf in Paris (1997).

The effects are by relative newcomers Hive FX, and they look wonderfully demented - as they should.


via Undead Backbrain (with thanks to Avery Guerra!)