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Another Day, Another Couple of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker TV Spots

Rey and Leia hug.
Rey and Leia hug.
Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

More and more footage is trickling in. If you want to avoid spoilers, you should hopefully have tuned out long before this. If you want more teases of what’s to come, we’ve got you covered.


Released over the course of this weekend, “Celebrate” and “Hold On” are rife with just enough new footage to be tantalizing. We see more combat, in space and near the water, and we get a slower, more intimate look at the gang blowing the heck out of a First Order speeder bike. Elsewhere, Rey does a Jedi Mind Trick on some Stormtroopers, and Poe asks the question that, really, everyone with a Jedi friend should be wondering.

But the biggest moment is one that will remind fans of rumored plans for the final film that changed, presumably, when Carrie Fisher tragically passed away. In one shot of reworked footage, Leia stands, cradling Luke Skywalker’s old lightsaber. An image of one powerful Force user remembering another, and an image of the Jedi hero Leia might have been. Honestly, that brief look is worth the price of entry alone.


The Rise of Skywalker comes to end the main Star Wars saga on December 20th.

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