Another Character Is Jumping From The Walking Dead to Fear the Walking Dead

Dwight (Austin Amelio) is changing Walking Dead shows.
Dwight (Austin Amelio) is changing Walking Dead shows.
Photo: AMC

Burned face and all, Dwight is heading to Fear the Walking Dead.

Negan’s former right hand man, played by actor Austin Amelio, was last seen being banished from Alexandria by Darryl at the end of The Walking Dead season eight. He didn’t return for the start of season nine and now we know why. He’s going to reemerge in the upcoming fifth season of Fear the Walking Dead, following in the footsteps of Lennie James, whose character Morgan also made the jump from The Walking Dead to Fear the Walking Dead.


ComicBook broke the news, which was confirmed by Entertainment Weekly. And though the events seen in Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead got much closer on the timeline when Morgan jumped ship, Dwight’s storyline will bring Fear back into the past. Stay with us here, but the fifth season of Fear will take place before The Walking Dead season nine jumped ahead a few years at the break, along with the exit of Andrew Lincoln.

Season five of Fear the Walking Dead starts later this year. Season nine of The Walking Dead picks up in February.

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Kind of like the small world Star Wars is in with a giant galaxy and you keep running into the same characters. The United States is how big and this character just so happens to go to where Morgan is? Couldn’t he go to Washington State? Or Michigan? There are 47 other states besides the one he's leaving. What about Canada?