Another Bomb Drops On Jericho

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The post-apocalyptic rebuilding may have begun on last night's Jericho, but the CBS show's own restoration after a cancellation scare looks like it'll be short-lived. The season opener failed to beat a rerun of Law and Order, and an original Boston Legal. The episode's 7.1 million viewers was much better than the tail end of season one, but nowhere near as good as the show's first few episodes. Barring a miracle spurt in the next couple of weeks, Jericho is not coming back. To make things worse, few critics liked the season opener as much as we did.


The same fast-paced political focus that made us excited annoyed Marc Vera with Entertainment Weekly, who missed all the soap-opera stuff we were glad to be rid of:

The show I loved has changed, and not for the better. Character development vanished, the pacing was off, and there seemed to be no passion or caring in the Kansas town.


A few other reviewers sounded similar notes, although a few also liked the show's tighter thriller-esque revamp.

One interesting tidbit from today's Jericho coverage: If the show's second season had been a full 22 episodes, we would have gotten to see the seat of government in Cheyenne — and life in New York, which survived the attacks thanks to Hawkins' intervention. Now we'll just have to be happy with one truncated second season, and nothing after that. [Hollywood Reporter]

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Benny Gesserit

Evidently all those people who mailed peanuts(?) to get the thing back on the air were members of the poll.

Shame, really, because they probably tuned in.