Anne Heche Vs. Malcolm McDowell, With A Bio-Slave's Rights At Stake

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The anthology series Masters Of Science Fiction is finally coming to DVD in the U.S. — a full year after ABC ran four out of the six episodes during the August lull. The four episodes include one brilliant standout: "Jerry Was A Man," based on a Robert Heinlein story about a genetically engineered chain-smoking slave who seeks his freedom, with the help of an heiress (Anne Heche channeling Paris Hilton). The other three televised episodes range from okay to awful, but I'm crossing my fingers for the unaired eps "Little Brother" (written by Walter Mosley) and "Watchbird" (written by Babylon 5's J. Michael Straczynski based on a story by Robert Sheckley). It hits stores on August 5. [TV Shows On DVD]


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I found the whole series interesting, mostly fresh and uneven. I'll probably still buy it.

My favorite was A Clean Escape. Judy Davis was wonderful and oh so tightly wound. Sam Waterston, not a great actor, but he managed to channel the absolute, unperturbable, self-righteous certainty which nicely resonated with real occupants of the Oval Office.

The Discarded just made me hate Harlan Ellison a little bit more. What a has been. He can't even do a good dark plot anymore. Oooohhh, what a shock—the mutants were used and discarded by the Earth which had previously abandoned them. Quell surprise!