Even though Stephen Chow passed on the Green Hornet picture with Seth Rogen, he's not done playing with the super-genre. In fact, rumor has it he's cast Anne Hathaway in a new superhero comedy.

According to Wei Dasen (reporting in China.org.cn) Chow's company has its sites set on a CG-heavy, explosion-packed comedy. Chow mentioned before that he wanted to work with funnyman Jack Black on his next project, and Hathaway is known for tackling big-budget comedy features in between her indie projects, so the timing seems right. But what kind of superhero would Hathaway be? My guess: a by-the-book action star who needs loosening up... enter Jack Black. Hopefully it'll be a bit more creative than that, but probably not. Chow is currently writing the screenplay and will also co-star.


[via slashfilm]