Anne Hathaway "Consoles" Plane Crash Survivor In Passengers

According to the new scifi thriller Passengers, the reward for surviving a terrible plane crash includes gaining superpowers and getting to sleep with Anne Hathaway. Survivor Patrick Wilson gets all touchy-feely with his new grief counselor Hathaway after escaping near-death from a traumatic plane crash that leaves only 10 people alive. But one by one, the survivors all start to disappear. It's a conspiracy that only our guy with his Hathaway sex powers can solve. Are plane accidents the new superhero-makers, the way labs and missile ranges used to be? Or is this flick just trying to get in on the planecrash cache of Lost and Fringe? Passengers looks like your standard-fare government conspiracy theory thriller, but my fingers are crossed for alien intervention. Clea "Heroes" DuVall is also a survivor and predictably pissed about no one understanding her. The movie comes out October 24. Click to view



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