Annabelle Trailer Suggests—Maybe Don't Fill Your Home With Creepy Dolls

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Horror movie Annabelle is entirely about the possessed (real-life) doll that was featured in The Conjuring. She's scary in her own right, but the trailer kind of has me asking, if you're filling your house with horrifying, definitely possessed dolls... aren't you bringing this doll rampage upon yourself?


Case in point, the husband comes in with the gigantic Annabelle doll stating, "I'm sure I threw this away," or whatever. The logical response is to smash said doll with a hammer, bless the remains with holy water and then burn the entire room it was in to the ground. Annabelle will hit theaters on Oct. 3rd.


I think I'd put the doll in a small safe, weld the safe shut around all edges, put the safe in a cube that I filled with cement, and bury the whole thing 12 feet deep.