Fringe is finally coming back on air, and Special Agent Olivia took some time to talk to the press about how the characters' back-stories are getting closer together, who's back, and her possible powers. Spoilers...

Where do we find Olivia when the season picks up?

We sort of discover some things — I never know what I can and what I can't say — that happened to her when she was really little, that she doesn't really remember. You start to see that story open wide, as Peter and Walter and Olivia begin to interlace a little bit. You see how their paths have crossed before.


Do you think they could be related?

At this point no, I don't think so.

Do you know who the Observers are and what their motivations are?

No, but we're shooting, at the moment, the final episode and we're starting to get more into what their function is.

Do you like doing scenes with the cow?

I don't get to do that many scenes with Gene, unfortunately. Usually it's Walter kind of milking her or getting in trouble for having her in the lab. Usually, when we have the cow on the set, we have a whole bunch of other animals. So there's the wranglers that bring her on sometimes will have monkeys or little hairless rats.


[Producers Alex] Kurtzman and [Roberto] Orci have said they're gearing up to get Olivia and Peter together at some point. How eager are you to see that happen?

Well, a couple of episodes ago, he was chatting up my sister. So I think they're going to have to resolve that. I certainly hope they resolve it. I don't know, I hope that they stretch it out for as long as possible. I think that's what makes it kind of fun. The "Are they are or aren't they," I think there need to be a few more close calls, before they start heading down that track. Because then they have to break up and get back together again, and the whole bit.


What has been your favorite scene you've shot so far right now?

We filmed a scene in Walter and Peter's hotel room. Olivia has just discovered some things from her past and some things that Walter is connected to. I loved shooting that because it was the first time that I really felt that Olivia has got into that dynamic of Peter and Walter. And she's always been on the outside, kind of wrangling them constantly. That was interesting for me realizing that they are all a little bit intertwined, and building more of that emotional conflict between them. I really loved shooting that.


Are we going to see more of Olivia and Nina together?

I hope so, because I love Blair, and I love the character of Nina too. Yes we will see a little bit more, we actually had Blair on the FBI set for the entire day, and it was such a treat... But yes things are starting to fray and Nina's got all the answers.


Any thoughts about who should play William Bell?

I don't know. We keep putting names in a hat. I don't know I'm excited [to see] what way they end up going with that. I really hope we get to really meet him this year.


Is there anything that has ever shocked you on set?

We have an episode coming up — it hasn't been aired. Where there's a crash, and we end up with these bodies in the lab. And we find these [things] in these bodies, and when you see this episode, they were really in those bodies. [Laughs] I thought that was revolting I don't know how the guys actually ended up coping with it. One of the funniest things — this isn't really gross, but I walk into the lab to do a scene and we've got these bodies in body bags that we eventually open. And there are actors in there. And there were these three young kids lying in the body bags, and one is sitting there reading a book. The other's got an ipod in with blood splattered all over his apron. What a show.


There have been hints that your character has clapper super powers? Are we going to see more superpowers from Olivia, will she have to investigate herself?

We do start to find out what happened to her when she was little. And we also start to figure out — I guess the episode where she turns the lightbox off, that's been shown already — where you find out that she may have something. We start to delve a little bit into that, to work out why she had that superpower or if it's something that has been done to her.


It seems like there is a push back at the FBI office against Olivia and yet Massive Dynamic. Is there some resistance to the company because of its female CEO? Is Olivia struggling with gender politics?

I don't know. They never make any kind of issue about it, which I've been impressed and happy about to tell you the truth. She never says "it's because I'm a woman," ever, and I like that that's not an issue.


Are we going to see a follow-up story to Olivia's stalker stepfather?

Not yet.

The press release said there is a resurfacing serial killer in the next episode, can you tell us how he displays the bodies — because it's publicly right?


Se calls herself the artist. And she send invitations to her artwork, which are always displayed in public places, it's kind of really creepy.

Are there any new guest stars coming up or returning stars?

Harris comes back. I love Harris I think he's a really cool character, we sort of find out a little bit more about him. And also David Robert Jones sneaks back in — who is the scientist that we met in the German prison, who escaped. We see a little bit more of him.


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