Anime Epic Legend of the Galactic Heroes Is Getting a Western Release

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There are few things more frustrating for fans than knowing something excellent exists but having no way to (legally) see it. At least in the case of Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Sentai Filmworks has good news.


Legend of the Galactic Heroes started as a series of ten novels by Yoshiki Tanaka (slated for their own release here starting in Spring of 2016) and then became a sprawling series of animated films and episodes. The main series was 110 episodes made over ten years, for example.

There’s a tyrannical Galactic Empire and a rebellion — the Free Planets Alliance — which have been at war for 150 years before the anime starts. Something that complicated and large is likely what kept it from being distributed for so long.

Put this down as the chance of having a chance to get it, though: there’s no information about when or how it will be released.

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110 episodes: and keep in mind that this WASN’T a TV series. It was an OVA released in the VHS era. Meaning that if you wanted to keep up with the series as it was first coming out, you had to buy a separate tape for EACH episode. And keep buying them for 12 years.

And not only did it sell consistently well, it was so popular that the 110 episode main story wasn’t enough to meet demand; there are also side stories, totaling 52 episodes, and several movies. In the pre-internet age, this series built up arguably the most devoted and obsessive fandom in Japanese pop culture. It’s the sort of thing that either bores people, or hooks them completely: a super-complex space opera that focuses on character dynamics and military strategy instead of action. You’ll adore it or hate it, but there’s really nothing else like LotGH in filmed genre fiction.