One of the songs that was ultimately cut from Frozen is "Life's Too Short," a duet that Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel sing when Anna first arrives at Elsa's ice castle. Fan animator Audrey Arini created an animatic that imagines how the scene might have played out onscreen.

Arini (also known as Bambi Killer) studied animation at ISART Digital and Gobelins in Paris, and recently posted her own version of "Life's Too Short," using the music from the soundtrack. There are a handful of other attempts to realize the song through animatics and storyboards online, but this one makes especially good use of the characters' expressions and has some playful choreography.


The song comes from an earlier version of Frozen, which included a prophecy about a ruler with a frozen heart who would plunge the kingdom into unending winter. It also presents a slightly more callous version of Elsa, when the final version of the film focused on her anxiety and fear.

Life's Too Short [Bambi Killer via Scurvie's Disney Blog]