Animated Short In a Heartbeat Is About Love That's Too Big To Keep a Secret

Love is never easy, but it sure gets trickier when your heart literally refuses to contain itself.


In a Heartbeat is an animated short about a closeted gay teen named Sherwin who goes to extreme lengths to keep his crush on fellow student Jonathan a secret. In a tale that’s performed without dialogue, Sherwin’s heart escapes his body and goes on its own journey to be with the young man Sherwin loves.

The story is similar to Disney’s 2016 short Inner Workings, about a man who struggles with whether to listen to his head, his heart, or his gut. In the case of In a Heartbeat, Sherwin’s heart is the only thing that matters (as is typical with young love). And even though he and Jonathan face obstacles in realizing their true feelings for each other—including some questionable reactions from classmates—they two of them inevitably come together and make Sherwin’s heart full again.


In a Heartbeat is by Beth David and Esteban Bravo, and was originally funded on Kickstarter. It’s a caring testament to the risks and rewards of young love, and will make any heart go aflutter. You can check out the animated short below.


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E Al Fathoom

I can’t watch the movie from where I’m at, but do they end up together?

Or does Sherwin admit to Jonathan that he likes him only to find out that his feelings towards him are totally not reciprocated and in fact, now Jonathan is a little weirded out and the school finds out what happened and because it’s a football town, Sherwin has to change his last name and go to a different school because of bullies?

Just asking...

Because that second one sounds like complete fantasy to me...

Jesus. I’m on cynical overdrive today. I think it’s time to just go to sleep and try again tomorrow.