Animated JUDGE DREDD Trailer Expands The World Of Mega-City One

Illustration for article titled Animated emJUDGE DREDD/em Trailer Expands The World Of Mega-City One
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Behold the first-ever footage from the unauthorized (or, as the creator is calling it, bootleg) animated series JUDGE DREDD: Superfiend. This teaser trailer looks insane. Good.


This is the work of producer Adi Shankar, who wants to extend the story started in the Dredd reboot (that we loved) starring Karl Urban. We like the crazy look and the rogue feel. And yes, that is Judge Death, so obviously the Dark Judges was an inspiration.

The full trailer will be released on Oct. 23rd and the actual miniseries will be released shortly after on Oct. 27th.

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"JUDGE DREDD: Superfriend."

I think you might have slipped a rogue r in" Superfiend" there. The title you're giving it would make for a very different story ;)