Animated Batman's Next Allies: Superheroes From The Future... And Robin?

Still not sold on Cartoon Network's Batman: The Brave And The Bold? I have eight words for you: "Genetically altered cavemen fighting superheroes from the future." We have the clips to prove it. Spoilers ahead!

Tonight's episode, "Menace of the Conqueror Caveman!", brings the 25th century's Booster Gold back to our 21st century, just in time to watch immortal caveman Vandal Savage devolve the citizens of Gotham City into cavemen soldiers for his command. And if that's not what you want from your superheroes, I don't know how to help you. And here are a couple more clips:


That not enough excitement for you? How about the first appearance of Robin on Brave And The Bold, in the May 22 episode, "The Color Of Revenge"?

Batman: The Brave And The Bold airs on Cartoon Network tonight at 8:30.

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iv never seen a full episode so this is from a very frowned upon stand point. but these show dosnt seem like the type of batman that would interest me ( please comment if i got this wrong)

i mean The Batman was the perfect batman show for me it had that darker twist and character designs such as the riddler where really new and compelling( to me that is ) where as this batman seems more child orientated (its on CN i know and kids are the target audience

and there's one thing that always puts me off batman cartoons is the bats voice (again i think The batman excelled in this department) i mean brave and bold's voice is better than that god awful vader with a soar throat esq dark knight voice but thats not saying much

again all from a outsiders perspective